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Timber offices

Redsetter Sheds offers exceptional custom timber office services, specialising in the construction of pressurised timber offices.


Our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to creating high-quality, functional workspaces tailored to your needs. Whether you require a small home office or a larger commercial workspace, we work closely with you to design and build a timber office that maximises productivity and comfort. Our expertise in pressurised timber construction ensures durability, energy efficiency, and a professional aesthetic for your office.



Experience the benefits of a custom timber office that reflects your unique style and enhances your work environment with Redsetter Sheds.


Contact our team at Redsetter Sheds today for a free quote on our wooden office buildings!

What materials can we make your outdoor offices from?

At Redsetter Sheds, we offer our outdoor offices to clients in two main nmaterial types, including:

✚ Pressure-treated timber


Are you in search of a custom outdoor home office? Contact our team today!


The benefits of using pressure-treated timber for outdoor offices:

There are many benefits of using pressure-treated timber to create your wooden office building:

✚ Pressure-treated timber helps to prevent rot and decay from occurring

✚  It prevents weathering

✚ It offers long-lasting protection from moisture and rain


To avail of our high-quality timber offices, contact our team today!

How can you customise our timber offices?

There are many ways that you can customise our timber offices at Redsetter Sheds:

✚ Size

✚  Layout

✚ Adding shelves


Timber offices FAQ’s

What is the catchment area of our custom timber office building services?

At Redsetter Sheds, we offer clients our custom timber office building services nationwide.

Do we offer free quotes on our timber offices?

Yes! At Redsetter Sheds, we offer free quotes on all timber offices.

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