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At Redsetter Sheds, we specialise in bespoke garage-building services tailored to your needs. Whether you require a single-car garage or a larger structure for multiple vehicles, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and durable solutions.



We understand the importance of functionality and security for your cars, and we work closely with you to design and construct a garage that meets your requirements. From the selection of materials to the layout and design, we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure the final result is a custom garage that protects your vehicles and enhances your property's overall aesthetics.



With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust Redsetter Sheds to create a custom garage that exceeds your expectations.


Contact Redsetter Sheds today for a free quote on our home garages!

What customisable options are there for our home garages?

At Redsetter Sheds we offer a variety of different customisable options for our home garages:

✚ Layout

✚ Size

✚ If you would like shelves or not

✚  Colour

✚ Material

✚ Types of door

We are fully open to any ideas that you may have!

Are you in need of a wooden garage for your property? Contact our experts today!


What materials can our custom garages be built in?

At Redsetter Sheds, we specialise in custom garages built in three types of materials:

✚ Wooden garages which are made from pressure- treated timber

✚ Metal garages

✚ PVC gargaes


For a free quote on our custom garages, contact our experts today!

Are our wooden garages made to order?

At Redsetter Sheds, all of our custom garages are made to order. This ensures our clients receive a custom-built garage that suits their specific needs!


Garages FAQ’s

What is the easiest way to contact us about a wooden garage?

You can contact our team by phone, email or WhatsApp to organise your garage build.

What is the catchment area of our garage building services?

At Redsetter Sheds, we offer our custom garages to clients nationwide

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