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Garden accessories

At Redsetter Sheds, we provide clients with a range of custom garden accessories to enhance your outdoor space. From charming playhouses for children to sturdy tables and picnic tables for outdoor dining, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.


Our skilled craftsmen pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every garden accessory is crafted with precision and durability in mind. Whether you're looking to create a playful haven for your children or a functional and stylish gathering area for family and friends, our custom garden accessories add charm and functionality to any outdoor setting.



Choose Redsetter Sheds for beautifully crafted and personalised garden accessories that transform your outdoor space into a haven of enjoyment.


Contact Redsetter Sheds today for a free quote on all garden furniture!

What types of custom garden furniture do we offer?

At Redsetter Sheds we offer clients a range of different custom garden furniture, including:

✚ Garden tables

✚ Picnic tables

✚ Pergola

✚ Playhouses

✚ Garden benches

For a free quote on our garden benches, contact our team today!


What materials do we make our garden furniture from?

At Redsetter Sheds, we specialise in using high-quality, pressure-treated timber in all our garden accessories. Pressure-treated timber helps prevent weathering from occurring.


Are you in search of a custom garden table? Contact our experts today for a free quote!

Why choose our team for garden accessories?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing our team for garden accessories:

✚ We have over 45 years experience providing clients with garden accessories

✚  Our garden furniture is completely bespoke to your needs

✚ We work with the highest quality materials to ensure that each garden bench and garden table is completed to the highest standard every time


Garden accessories FAQ’s

Do we offer free quotes on our custom garden furniture?

At Redsetter Sheds, we offer free quotes on all custom garden furniture.

What is the catchment area of our custom garden furniture services?

At Redsetter Sheds, we offer our custom garden furniture to clients nationwide

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